We work closely with every single client to understand their cleaning needs and requirements so an appropriate program meets their budget.

Daily Cleaning Service

Daily cleaning services are best for large offices, warehouses or medical facilities where there is a constant flow of clients or employees. Business that have a common lunchroom may also benefit from more frequent cleaning which helps reduce bacteria and food waste that cause odd smells and may damage countertops, tables or floors. Daily cleaning services will ensure your employees and clients will always enter a spotless facility.

Weekly Cleaning Service

One or two time cleaning per week may be best suited for small offices that want to keep clean but do not generate lots of food or paper waste.

Monthly Cleaning Services

one or two times per month cleaning is for the ultimate budget minded business, that may not generate a lot of paper, or have a high number of employees, but wants to ensure that their office and bathrooms are refreshed and kept-up but without a large price tag.

One-Off Cleaning or Janitorial Service

In addition to our one-time services like window washing, floor refinishing, and carpet cleaning, we also one time cleaning services

  • Finished a construction or expansion project and need help cleaning up?
  • Out of town executives conducting a site visit?
  • Important clients coming to visit your office?
  • Dirty fluorescent lights or damaged ceiling tiles?
Let us help you with your cleaning, janitorial and maintenance needs, even if you don’t need regular cleaning services

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